In the Know: Bi-Weekly Agritech Round-up (August 31, 2018)

The world of agritech is changing every day. Check out our bi-weekly round-up to stay in-the-know on the evolving world that is agriculture technology.

How Technology Will Influence the Farms of the Future and Change the Way Crops are Produced 

A number of digital technologies are helping transform the agriculture industry, and as innovation drives successful change, farmers are required to learn new skills and understanding.

Read more here, via CNBC.

Busting the Myths and Understanding the True Potential of Blockchain 

Blockchain is one of four new technologies that are revolutionizing business models within a variety of industries. The transparency and security features of blockchain provide innovative solutions to longstanding challenges, and could change the way that companies approach data management.

Read more here, via Forbes.

Technology Could Soon Revolutionize Agriculture in Africa

Agritech is making its way around the world. As different countries adopt the “agriculture as a business” approach, technology will fill the gaps and meet global needs.

Read more here, via Forbes.

 State Agriculture Director Urges MACC Students to Embrace New Ag Tech

Colleges around the U.S. are developing agriculture technology programs, like Moberly Area Community College in Missouri. Recently, the director of the state’s Department of Agriculture came to give students a word of encouragement.

 Read more here, via The Mexico Ledger.

 84% of Companies Are Dabbling in Blockchain, New Survey Says

According to recent studies, a vast majority of companies are interested in incorporating blockchain into their business models. The survey included 600 executives from 15 territories, and showed that no one wants to miss out on this new technology.

 Read more here, via CNBC.

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