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In the Know: This Week’s Agritech Round-Up (April 6, 2018)

The world of agritech is changing every day. Check out our weekly round-up to stay in-the-know on the evolving world that is agriculture technology.

What is Blockchain and What Can Businesses Benefit from It?

Before blockchain, there wasn’t a way to validate, secure and transfer digital ownership in a way that was trustless. Now businesses that are transaction-based or have decentralization that benefits the end user of the customer, are beginning to adapt this technology.

Read more here, via Forbes.

Arizona Blockchain Bill Signed into State Law

In Arizona, a new bill has passed allowing for corporations to hold and share a distributed ledger, opening the door for emerging technologies throughout the state.

Read more here, via CoinTelegraph.

Technology-driven Transformation in the Farming Sector

Our world faces the challenge of providing enough food for the global population, and as those within the food supply chain begin to embrace new technology, there will be a larger need and opportunity for technology suppliers and innovators.

Read more here, via Information Age.

The Future of Social Impact Is…Blockchain

Among the many things that blockchain can do, it can also improve the social impact sector, by helping homeowners conserve electricity with a smart refrigerator, or generate cash payments to families in Nigeria that will improve graduation rates.

Read more here, via Forbes.

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