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In the Know: This Week’s Agritech Round-up (February 16, 2018)

The world of agritech is changing every day. Check out our weekly round-up to stay in-the-know on the evolving world that is agriculture technology.

Agriculture and Technology: Industry Progress Lies in Collaboration and Looking Further Ahead

Water is an essential need for agriculture, and because of it, companies are looking within water use and irrigation for technology’s ability to advance agriculture in various regions.

Read more here, via Precision Ag.

As Technology Advances, Drones Set to Become a Crucial Tool in Agriculture  

From measuring temperatures to determining engine speed and altitude, drones can also be equipped with GPS units to measure lake water quality and can capture the total volume of biomass in an area.

Read more here, via Farm and Ranch.

Puerto Rico’s Governor is Bullish on Blockchain as Part of Island’s Comeback

The Governor of Puerto Rico, along with his office and the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development, will meet at the “Puerto Crypto” conference next month, after the governor has expressed interest in blockchain because of its transformative and disruptive components for business and government.

Read more here, via CNBC.

Decentralized Digital Identities and Blockchain – The Future as We See It

As the world looks to a new model for digital identity, individuals need a place to store their identity data in a secure, encrypted digital hub.

Read more here, via Microsoft.

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