In the Know: This Week’s Agritech Round-up (February 2, 2018)

The world of agritech is changing every day. Check out our weekly round-up to stay in-the-know on the evolving world that is agriculture technology.

The Easiest Way to Invest in Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain isn’t just a fad; it’s here to stay just like the internet. Get to know the easiest way to invest in this new technology starting today.

Read more here, via Forbes.

The Digital Divide Must End

By 2050, precision agriculture will be able to reduce your farm’s operation costs by up to $25 per acre, as well as increase farm yields.

Read more here, via Successful Farming

South Dakota is Poised to Benefit from Precision Agriculture

In South Dakota, $4 billion will be spent on precision agriculture this year, combining agronomic practices with farm machinery technology and actionable data.

Read more here, via Farm Forum.

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