In the Know: This Week’s Agritech Round-up (March 2, 2018)

The world of agritech is changing every day. Check out our weekly round-up to stay in-the-know on the evolving world that is agriculture technology.

Agricultural Technological Innovation

Currently, one in every seven working Texans has an agriculture-related job. Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is currently looking into new ways to use technology at the farm level in production of the food we eat, in hopes of creating sustainable agricultural growth and providing safe and affordable food through the food system in Texas.

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Can the Digital Revolution Transform Agriculture?

Thanks to digital solutions, farmers can connect to financial tools and markets around the world, as well as exchange services and money.

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6 Industries that are Using Blockchain to Drive Business Value Right Now

Companies are incorporating blockchain into their everyday business operations, with 16 percent purchasing blockchain enabled tools, and another 22 percent developing tools using blockchain.

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Here’s How Agriculture Plans to Overhaul its Tech

The Agriculture Department will soon go through a tech renovation, by consolidating 39 data centers into two facilities, as well as focus on introducing artificial intelligence tools to agency call centers for automatic online processes.

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