In the Know: This Week’s Blockchain Round-up (August 4, 2017)

The world of blockchain is changing every day. Check out our weekly round-up below to stay in-the-know on this evolving technology.

When Blockchain Meets Big Data, the Payoff will be Huge

Blockchain is becoming more mainstream, with audit trails and consensus-driven timestamping, to technology making an impact in the cost of storing data and the amount and quality of data available.

Read more here, via Venture Beat.

Big business Booming with Blockchain Interest

57 percent of the world’s biggest companies and corporations are currently looking into blockchain technology as a potential integrated solution for various problems. 60 percent are actively considering the process of implementing the technology.

Read more here, via Cointelegraph.

Industries are Ready for Blockchain Take Off

The year 2018 could be a real breakthrough for blockchain technology within a number of industries. The information provided in this article was taken from a survey, where large companies are either considering or in the process of incorporating blockchain.

Read more here, via Finextra.