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The Seam Partners with Tech901

There is a growing need for creative digital solutions in commodity trading, and when leaders in agriculture partner with leaders in technology, entire industries begin to evolve into global, sustainable business models.

As a part of its initiative to bring blockchain to the commodities market, The Seam is constantly searching for new talent in technology, including software architects, technical writers, quality assurance specialists, programmers and business analysts. The digital cotton supply chain and agricultural technology are beginning to require more from the I.T. industry, and The Seam is eager to invest in up-and-coming tech professionals.

In the midst of its search for fresh ideas for innovative solutions in digital trade, The Seam encountered the staff and students at Memphis-based educational organization, Tech901.

Tech901 began as a school-age technology club, and eventually received funding to expand into a certification program, as a result of the growing need of tech professionals throughout Memphis. Through foundational courses in networking, data security, coding and web development software, the organization has crafted a hands-on program for students to transition seamlessly from their education to their career. By the end of their time at Tech901, students have earned a CompTIA certificate, and are among the most qualified candidates for tech positions throughout the Mid-South.

Mark Pryor, Chairman and CEO at The Seam, recently met with Executive Director, Robert Montague, and Lead Instructor, Briahna Chambers, to discuss partnership opportunities, which led to a facility visit with current Tech901 students. Mark was able to share about the role of blockchain in the cotton supply chain, in addition to many other technological advancements in agriculture.

Students were also able to meet with various staff at The Seam to discuss future opportunities and mentorship.

Partnerships between tech-based companies and tech educators are crucial to push momentum forward in the digital industry. The new generation of programmers is armed with knowledge and creativity that serves to benefit tech and agriculture companies alike. It is because of organizations like Tech901, that are committed to to facilitating I.T. business growth by recruiting, training and launching the next generation of tech professionals into their industries, that companies like The Seam continue to thrive.

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