What is National Teach Ag Day?

National Teach Ag Day takes place each year on September 19. This day is designed to encourage others to teach school-based agriculture and recognize the important role that ag teachers play in our schools and communities. Every year, the National Teach Ag Campaign hosts a live webcast event somewhere in the country in conjunction with the day. National Teach Ag Day is a part of the National Teach Ag Campaign, an initiative of the National Council for Agricultural Education, led by the National Association of Agricultural Educators.

Who is it for?

National Teach Ag Day is for anyone who wants to celebrate school-based agricultural education, share the story of ag education’s importance and effectiveness in the United States, and encourage students to consider careers as agricultural educators. Anyone who wants to participate can find a variety of resources to help them talk about ag education at

What happens on National Teach Ag Day?

Agricultural educators and education advocates will engage in a variety of activities to celebrate and promote the career of ag education. These activities may include capitol rallies, special lessons, community activities and more. The Teach Ag website is a clearinghouse of resources to help teachers and advocates, and free resources include a video, suggested teaching activities, games and giveaway items.

Ag education and The Seam

At The Seam, we believe that ag education is crucial to the future of our industry. We are dedicated to advancing ag education, focusing on how technology can and should provide trusted data to prove sustainability practices are being followed, ensure food safety and enhance traceability for global trade. The future of our farms rests in the hands of the men and women who will lead after us. And it’s our job to provide the resources and tools now to equip these individuals for the future.

Our CEO and Chairman, Mark Pryor, is involved in the ACSA International Cotton Institute, has presented at numerous conferences, serves on the board at Agricenter International and has formed partnerships with the National Cotton Council, American Peanut Council, Greater Memphis IT Council and more, to promote the importance of ag education. It’s our job as agricultural professionals to share knowledge and teach students a wide variety of skills, including science, math, communications, leadership, management and technology, to help them find their niche in the ag industry.

To offer more insight into the ag industry, we are launching a new AgEd blog series. Through this series, we will create an open dialogue for conversation and offer insight into new industry developments, share what we’re currently learning and more. Look out for this new series in the weeks to come!

Information in this post was adapted from the National Association of Agricultural Educators.