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Event Recap: 2018 Cotton and Peanut Seminar

Last week, our team had the opportunity to attend and present at The Seam’s Cotton and Peanut Seminar at the Lake Blackshear Resort in Georgia.

Throughout the week, over 40 cotton seminar attendees represented 17 gins, seven merchants, two cooperatives and two brokers. These firms traveled from Lubbock, Chicago, North Carolina, South Carolina and Memphis to learn about how The Seam’s online platform can be used to buy and sell cotton. In the same facility, more than 50 representatives from 25 peanut buying points associated with shellers, Premium Peanut and Olam Edible Nuts, also attended training seminars in preparation for the upcoming peanut harvest. These sessions covered new features added to The Seam’s web-based farmers stock peanut buying point system.

Speakers included Ashley Arrington of Agri Authority, Mike Canale and Charles Garner, Director of Trading at The Seam. Arrington presented on the state of the cotton industry and market: How did we get here? Where are we going? She addressed factors such as the impact that weather has had on different farming regions, and global production and use. These conversations are pivotal to the cotton supply chain and the future of agriculture.

Canale dispelled a few common myths about using The Seam’s online platforms in his presentation, including assumptions that The Seam is only for large buyers, that it is for those who do not know how to market cotton, and that cotton traders have all the connections they need. Canale highlighted that The Seam offers its customers access to warehouse information, historical price information, the ability to customize recaps and the ability to trade anywhere in the world.

As the week progressed, Garner was able to offer attendees a closer look at The Seam and its exclusive trading features during his presentation. From blockchain technology to business initiatives, The Seam is committed to moving the agriculture supply chain forward to a sustainable, technology-driven future.

The Cotton and Peanut Seminar also consisted of breakout sessions and group discussions. At the Premium Peanut Buying Points seminar, Sheila Winter led a group for The Seam, discussing the new features in place for The Seam’s web-based farmer stock peanut buying point system.

In addition to the meetings and seminars, our team was able to connect with a number of ginners, brokers and cotton merchants at the event’s festivities. A few distinguished guests included Xiao Lu of Hang Tung Resources, Robert Buckles of Beard & Buckles, Allen Coleman of the Dooly County Gin, and Sharron He of the American Tongzhou Cotton Trade, Inc.

The Seam is proud to partner with global industry leaders, and these partnerships are only made possible by the innovative technology that has now become an online hub for global commodities trading.

Take a look at a few event highlights below.

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