In the Know: This Week’s Blockchain Round-Up (December 29, 2017)

The world of blockchain is changing every day. Check out our weekly round-up to stay in-the-know on this evolving technology.

Let’s Talk Blockchain: What’s Coming in 2018?

We’re going to see more use out of blockchain technology in 2018, with financial analysts expecting it to be the source for 20 percent of global finance by 2020.

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How the Blockchain is Redefining Trust

Blockchain could help to shorten the length of the lifecycle of trade from not just days, but to minutes. By 2022, ledger technologies could save banks $15-20 billion a year.

Read more here, via Wired.

Blockchain Is Pumping New Life Into Old-School Companies Like IBM and Visa

It’s estimated that by 2022, the market for blockchain-related products and services will reach $7.7 billion, up $242 million from last year.

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NexGen Supply Chain: Blockchain Thoughts at the Height of the Holiday Season

Now is the time to think big in the early stages of blockchain, as it promises to transform how business is done.

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Unilever Taps into Blockchain to Manage Tea Supply Chain

Unilever will launch a one-year pilot project that will manage transactions on its tea supply chain by leveraging blockchain technology.

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