In the Know: This Week’s Blockchain Round-Up (January 5, 2018)

The world of blockchain is changing every day. Check out our weekly round-up to stay in-the-know on this evolving technology.

‘Blockchain’ Mentions in Press Releases Have Soared This Year

With the start of the new year, comes even more blockchain coverage, with 110 corporate releases already mentioning the world blockchain over the first four days of 2018.

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4 Buzzworthy Ways Blockchain Can Streamline Your Business

Since December of last year, blockchain development has grown more than 200 percent in popularity. Blockchain can increase security and provide decentralization, among other things, when using it to streamline your business.

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Blockchain Improves Visibility in the Food Supply Chain

With the world population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, this increases the need for the food supply chain to become more efficient, reliable and accurate.

Read more here, via Food Safety Tech.

Blockchain’s Promise Goes Beyond Fintech

Blockchain can reduce the cost of peer-to-peer data and remove the need for third parties and middlemen across numerous industries.

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